Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Resurrection Day!

Happy Easter, everyone! I hope everyone has had a great Sunday. I woke up early, had a nice (big) cup of coffee, went to church with my mom, and then cooked a delicious lunch on this Lord's day! Seriously... you can't go wrong with steak, stuffed potatoes, ratatouille, and coconut cake! I know I'm 23, but my mom still surprised my brother and I with Easter basket gifts. Mine included Twix bars, a new pair of earrings, and a Mississippi cookbook. It's been a lovely day celebrating my Savior!

1. Yes, I have a tattoo on my foot. Covering it up for teaching gets a little old sometimes, but I do love it! My dress made me feel like an Easter egg today :) 2. My new earrings and cookbook from my mom! 3. My mom also put these handmade goodies in my Easter basket. She is a high school art teacher and so creative! 4. Easter lunch. I really don't need to say anymore!

Yesterday, I spent my afternoon working on my first thirty-minute lesson plan for my field experience. It's on text features, and it's a scavenger hung folder activity. I got the idea from here, though my printer is broken so I am handwriting everything. Luckily, if I have a template my mom can run off copies for me at her school. It helps having a teacher for a mom! 

After making the activity, though, I realized we are probably going to have to cut one or two sections out of the scavenger hunt (there are 8 total.) I have to teach the lesson and they have to have time to do the activity... all within 30 minutes. And since it's my first one I'm teaching in the field, I'd like it to go smoothly in case my supervisor pops in!

I'm doing my best to take this Easter Sunday off from school... but I have three finals next week and my social studies unit plan due. I might take a nap and do a little bit of work, even if it's just making flashcards for finals. I have a perfect 100 streak going in my social studies class... I'd like to keep that up since her exams are the hardest. I feel like I'm proving something to myself every time I get a 100 back :)

Hope y'all have the best Easter Sunday ever!

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