Monday, April 1, 2013


I'm excited to post in my first linky party! Hop over to Farley's blog to join the fun!

Listening... I have been listening to Elenowen non-stop on Spotify while I work. Their voices are so wonderful and it's upbeat enough to not put me to sleep but not so crazy that it distracts me. Take a listen!
Loving... It FINALLY feels like spring in Mississippi! Up through March I was still wearing jackets, boots, and scarves which is unheard of here! I wore a jean jacket on my errands this morning and actually felt warm!
Thinking... I really do have WAY too much to do. I spent the morning working at Starbucks on a math unit and presentation I will be giving tomorrow. I have to teach my Math for Children class a lesson on Fractions, so I've been adding the final touches to that. I'm about to go and make a poster for it, too. On top of that, I have a social studies unit to write AND finals to study for... I might pull some hair out today!
Wanting... Yes, another Chai Latte. I already had one this morning...
Needing... way more sleep. Despite the fact that I have today off from school, I have been working like crazy this Easter weekend. I was in the hospital for 10 days before Spring Break and I am STILL playing catch-up.
Advice... I feel like a lot of times in the "blog-world" (whether it be personal blogs, style blogs, teaching blogs, whatever) that we feel like our blog HAS to be a certain way to get readers or views. Be YOU! I feel like Dr. Seuss, but it's true! Your blog is all yours, so don't feel like it HAS to be designed a certain way or that you HAVE to talk about certain things... write about what you love, and others will love it, too!

Well, now that I have successfully procrastinated by posting, it's back to work!


  1. I've been loving the spring weather too! I'm in Utah and I am so done with winter...

    Caitlin Hynst
    Simply Second

  2. I completely agree with your advice! Good luck in school! I was just there last year and now in my first year of teaching! Enjoy it while it lasts...believe it or not... you will miss it!!

    Fluttering In First

  3. Heather,

    Good luck in school! You're almost there I see!

    I love your advice. I think that is a common misconception.

    Be you! is perfect.

    Happy April


  4. Chai lattes from Starbucks. Is there really anything better? I am sure your presentation tomorrow will be amazing!

    Eclectic Educating

  5. We are excited for the spring weather as well! Thanks for sharing! Xo, M&K at