Friday, April 5, 2013

Guys, it's FRIDAY.

I am so excited that it is Friday. I have slept so little this week and plan on catching up on sleep big time this weekend!

This week has been so stressful, but so good. Thursday was my social studies final, and my UbD for the class was due. I did great on the test (at least I feel like I did) but I won't know my UbD score for a few weeks. I also got back a project that I promise I had failed, but I made an 88 (which is a C, but it's better than failing!) I didn't put the effort I should have into it, but it was only 10% of our final grade, so really, there's nothing to worry about.

Today was my second observation day at the elementary school I am teaching at the rest of the semester. The first time I went, my cooperating teacher was out, so I was excited to see her in action today. She is amazing. I have never seen a classroom more structured that is so good at their daily routines. Not a second is wasted. I get to spend time with two of the three classes that rotate through. Today, they worked on paraphrasing, did some shared reading, and took a paraphrasing quiz. I am also impressed because they all have to write in cursive. Most schools here are completely cutting cursive out because there is no time for it. But if they don't write in cursive in Mrs. D's classroom, she rips it up and tells them to do it over. 

While they were doing their morning work, she talked to me for awhile. She gave me some extremely helpful Praxis II advice, and let me borrow a  book she received at a Differentiated Instruction conference a few years ago. This thing has about 2000 pages. She told me to take it home over the weekend and copy anything I wanted!

I turned in my lesson plan for Monday, and she loved it! We are doing a text feature scavenger hunt. She also told me to do an in depth look at text features the rest of the week. Does anybody have any other activities that they use to teach text features? I'd love to hear them! I hope to get my other 4 written on Sunday so I can be done for the week!

Have a great weekend!

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