Saturday, April 6, 2013


Weekends are for

- reading books for fun for the first time in a million years (now that I'm done with my classes I am able to!)
- going to see my friend Lauren do an outstanding job in the play 9 Parts of Desire.
- going to see said play with my dear friends Matt and Austin and stuffing myself silly with IHOP afterwards.
- wearing a scarf with skulls on it in public and feeling strangely liberated.
- writing my lesson plans for next week, and finding out I don't have to teach on Tuesday because my kiddos will be taking a test. My cooperating teacher is amazing.
- sweet time with Jesus and drinking cappucinos.
- lots of cuddles with my fur-babies.
- grilling steaks.
- church and fellowship and community.
- sleep, and lots of it.

I just love weekends. And now, I'm off to read my book that I started what seems like years ago and have yet to finish. Have a great Sunday!

P.S. I'd appreciate it if you kept me in your prayers. I have to go to the pulmonary doctor every Friday to get my INR levels checked (basically, how easily you clot or bleed...) and my levels are still really low (1.6 when they should be between 2-3). They upped my dosage for the third time, and I'm going to be really upset if they are still below 2 this week. 

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