Friday, April 26, 2013


I kind of fell behind with updating there, didn't I? I have just been so busy with teaching and my other classes that posting slipped my mind!

Well, things have been going great! We did Main Idea last week, and Fact and Opinion this week. I got observed during Main Idea. We read The Runaway Tortilla as a class, and then together picked out details that supported the overall idea of the story. The students then used this to write a summary about the story. My supervisor loved it! On our evaluation, you are scored on a 0-3 scale in 25 areas. She told us back when we were still in lectures that the supervisors really aren't supposed to give 3's on the first evaluation because there is always room for improvement. Well, she gave me TWELVE of them, and the rest were all 2's. She gave me one 1 because she felt the need to balance out all the 3's she gave me when she wasn't really supposed to. That was so encouraging. She said I taught better than most of the student teachers she has seen. That gave my confidence a huge boost.

This weekend I am spending time putting together my Teacher Work Sample for Professional Block that covers the four day Text Structures unit I will teach next week. I'm kind of worried about it because I feel like I have trouble communicating text structure. Fortunately, it's just a review for the students - they've had it before. This work sample may kill me though, because I still have to write lesson plans, too! If anyone has good text structure ideas appropriate for lower-level fifth graders, I'd LOVE to hear your ideas!

I can't believe this is the last week I have with these kids. I'm going to miss them all - from the two gifted kids that have a vocabulary bigger than mine, to the trouble-maker who was suspended last week, my sweet little stuttering kids who I think are the most precious kids I've ever talked to, and everyone else in between. Who knew that 45 10-12 year olds could steal your heart the way these guys have? I love them so much!

They take their state science test next Wednesday, so it will be nice to have a mid-week break :)

(well, I'm not Mrs., but I let it slide. This made my day!)

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  1. Hi, Heather!

    I found your blog via the link up page for Mississippi bloggers. I'll be graduating in December as well! Hope your teaching journey is going well! Just wanted to pop by and say hello since we seem to be on about the same track in life currently!
    - Sarah Beth White
    Miss White's Classroom