Sunday, April 14, 2013

Wow, What a GREAT Week!

I can't even begin to say how wonderful this past week was! Obviously, I woke up nervous every morning, because this is the most teaching I have done so far. But I never had a day I regretted or wished I could change!

Tuesday, Mrs. D was giving a test so I observed next door. Another one of my classmates is in that room with Ms. M, and she was teaching a science lesson on chemical vs. physical changes. It made me so happy I got assigned the classroom that I did! 

Wednesday, we had an in depth lesson on Headings and Subheadings. We read an article together about Mount Everest, and then they had a series of questions to answer about which subheading to look under to find information it asked about. My first period did very well. Second period tends to get over-confident, so theirs weren't quite as good, but they still did well overall.

Thursday, I was very nervous. I had written a lesson, but then I couldn't find any articles for what I needed. We were doing a study on illustrations and diagrams. I literally changed my plan at the last minute; I didn't even have time to write it down. I stayed up late and put together a power-point, and luckily stumbled upon an article about the Tower of Pisa, and decided that they could come up with an appropriate illustration and caption for their illustration. I really felt like it was slapped together and would come across that way, but apparently I was VERY wrong, because my cooperating teacher slipped this into my bag:
And here is 2nd period's Tower of Pisa's! I love how they turned out, and Mrs. D has them hanging on display now :)

Friday, Mrs. D wanted me to give them a quiz on the text feature definitions, so that was quite an easy day :) We graded them so that students who made an 85 or over (which was about 90%!) could enter their name into the Academic Drawing.

This weekend, several of my friends had their senior art exhibit so I went and supported them there. Then, my brother, who is in the Chorale at Belhaven University, had a jazz recital so my mother and I went and watched him. It was SO good! My baby brother is so talented :)

This week, I am teaching Main Idea everyday. I have my first two days planned, but Wednesday I am getting observed by my supervisor, so I want to make sure it is awesome. Any tips/lesson ideas are welcome!

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